Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Papas Tapas

Papas Tapas serves up fresh and authentic Spanish cuisine!
So far I have only tried one of their delicious items but I've become addicted. I have now ordered their crispy Croquetas four times and sadly they are so yummy that I have been blind to the rest of Papas Tapas tasty options.

Croquetas are, according to the menu, fried balls of dough filled with ham and cheese although they tasted much more like a very mild jalapeno popper, or fried cheesy potato goodness!

The absolute best part of these wonderful little treats is the garlic and roasted red pepper aioli dipping sauce. This aioli is packed with flavor and would taste delicious on a wide assortment of foods.

For more information about Papas Tapas food check out there menu and to find their up coming locations and events check out their twitter.

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